Monday, November 06, 2006

4 for Friday

Ate Leah tagged me last Friday and since I don't have anything in my mind now as a new entry, I decided to post this now.. *sorry ate if I didn't have the chance to answer it at once*

Q1 - Faith: What do you think? Does God exist, and if so, do you think God has control over events?

YES, God exist and I believe that He controls everything but we also need to have our part by doing His Will.

Q2 - Work: Do you socialize with co-workers outside of the office?

Office? Hmmm, well yes.. I do go out with "them" everytime :)

Q3 - Holiday Travel: Are you traveling for the upcoming holidays or are you expecting family and friends to come to your home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

I'd love to travel this Christmas (maybe going back home to my family) but I really can't, so might stay here in Toronto and celebrate Christmas with my relatives.

Q4 - You Choose: Which would you rather have...a personal assistant or a personal trainer?

A personal assistant is good for me, need one (sana fafa, hehe) to tidy up the house and help me cook as well :)


Iskoo said...

pwede ba mag apply ng PA, hehe. joke. di ako fafable, panget ako eh! pajng halloween,..

Leah said...

hey Mitch...Christmas will be great.

KaDyo said...

Sabi nga ni St. James na, "Faith without works is dead."

Some people are sitting around waiting for some kind of special call or revelation from God before they get involved in his work. It's not likely to happen because God has already given us lots of instructions in his Word regarding what to do. All we need to do is read them … and start moving.

Belated Holoween sa inyo dyan at adavnce Merry Christmas hehe

KaDyo said...

ay dami mali ispeling hehehe sori =D

kneeko said...

d2 ako napadpad galing sa haws ni iskoo....

lapit na nga ang pasko.. kakamiss sa pinas..

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